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Most commercial building owners and property managers are aware of the risks associated with contaminated airflow systems. However, most are not aware of how it can impact their profit margin particularly in regards to the residual costs of higher absenteeism and lost productivity.

According to EPA estimates clean air reduces absenteeism by 7% and productivity improvements can reach up to 25%. The good news is a simple solution exists – conduct regular remediation cleaning.

AirCarolinas Air Duct Cleaning is highly experienced in commercial building air duct cleaning services.

  • We take extra special care when we perform our work in office buildings or places of business such as yours.
  • We want you to be very happy and satisfied with the quality of work we provide.
  • Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal!

Regular remediation acts as a preventive measure to eliminate risks from microbial and bacterial contamination, identification of hazardous particulate accumulation such as fibreglass and asbestos and fire risk in buildings.

In most commercial buildings the main factor contributing to these risks is the building’s design and fire containment features. Air flow through air ducts is rarely linear so it is common that highly flammable debris will accumulate around the ductwork fire dampeners causing them to clog and prevent them from opening. A relatively small ignition point such as a spark from the fan motor could turn the ductwork into an ideal conduit for “Duct Flash” – seeing the combustible material explode throughout the ductwork.  With this said, regular routine remediation practices can reduce your buildings level of risk which will safeguard your company’s assets.

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