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          Real reviews made by customers…



This is truly a 5 star company.
This is truly a 5 star company. I called yesterday. They were here this morning to clean out my dryer vent. Israel was very professional and knows what he is doing. They were fast and got the work done and cleaned up the mess from the dryer. Very kind. And the price was unbelievable, 1/3 of others that I was quoted. And the job was perfect. Any other things I need done will go to them. Spread the word and get this company flying. They deserve it. Thanks both of you. Air Carolina is a great company.
D. Angel
I called Air Carolinas after speak to my…
I called Air Carolinas after speak to my neighbor. I was a little surprised from the reviews my neighbor gave me about them. For years I’ve suffered of very bad allergies, but honestly I never thought that cleaning my air ducts would solve my problem. They got here on time, and as soon as they start evaluate my ducts, the guy was amazed about it, he showed to me and seriously, it was amazingly & I couldn’t believe that for over 15 years I’ve been breathing all those bad things. The Guy name Israel was very professional trying to explain me about the benefits of having that cleaned, so we agreed to the service. Is been 2 months since the cleaning was performed & I have no dust on my furniture anymore. Also I went from one Claritin a day to 3 a month, I only have allergies outdoor now, and the guy, Israel even insisted to show me the before and after pictures, which I agreed to be posted on his website. I am very glad I had Air Carolinas at my house, and definitely, companies like that deserve the time spent on writing reviews like this, people out there need to know about them. Thanks Air Carolinas!
J. Martin
Charlotte, NC
I Called Air Carolinas to Clean…
I called Air Carolinas to clean my air ducts, which hasn’t been clean for over more 10 years or more. They arrived 20 minutes prior their schedule time. They were very professional honoring their coupon but they have a small issue with my dryer vent which cost me about $15 dollars more. After they left my house my dryer is been working great and and my son’s allergy went way. These guys were professionals; I will definitely pass their name on.
G. Jenny
Concord, NC
I called Air Carolinas to fix my….
I called Air Carolinas to fix my air conditioning system last week, they arrived on time, and within 10 minutes they found out what the problem was. The Guy was very honest trying to explain to me that to fix my unit wasn’t worth it due a big leak I had in my condenser unit. He showed me the leak and it was so loud that I could even hear it. I felt comfortable because the guy was not trying to sell me a new unit like every other company that came out, but was trying fixing the problem. The thing was that I felt so good dealing with him, he sound so professional and knowledgeable that I went ahead and decided to replace my equipment. They scheduled the appointment for 3 days later and they arrived early in the morning and I had cool air by a little afternoon. Overall it was a great experience, the job was fast!! Thank Air Carolinas.
K. Sandra Matthews, NC    
Nice service, fast and reliable…
Nice service, fast and reliable…the guy just insist in show us and teach us everything about the work he was doing, we learned a lot I can tell u that…
R. Mark  Pineville, NC
I searched for over an hour looking at different reviews and calling around for pricing to fix my downstairs ac unit and came across these guys.  They had great reviews and when I called them they seemed very professional, so I went with them.  The two brothers showed up exactly when they said they would, and DID NOT CHARGE for the service call, mind you ALL of the other companies I called wanted between $65 and $95 just to come out.  These guys spent about 30 minutes diagnosing my problem, from inspecting the ac units to getting underneath in the slab basement and searching for problems.  After it was all said and done they recommended powering up the Freon and that was it.  After doing a thorough job and adding between 1 and 1.5 lbs of Freon the job was done and the air runs great.These guys were so thorough that they even found an old electrical board that was sitting on top of my unit that was apparently replaced by the previous owner.  Israel (one of the two brothers) took it out to his service truck and ran some test on it and found out the unit was perfectly fine, indicating that the previous service men had most likely told the previous owner they needed parts and electrical unit which he said most likely cost them around $700 with install that was totally unnecessary.I have never wrote a review on this site but felt so inclined to do so I’m doing it about 20 minutes after they had left..  These guys are honest, hard working and above all are generally concerned for the customer.  I will recommend these guys to all of my neighbors, no questions asked.
 Ryan P.   Charlotte, NC     05/30/2013          
We have had trouble with our air conditioning units for 2 years, and it was time to upgrade to new units.  Air Carolinas gave us the best quote and amazing service.  They had new units installed 2 days after we called.  They were quick, clean, and caring.  We will definitely use them again and we recommend them to everyone.
     Susan W.   Charlotte, NC                                                                                   

I’ve owed 14 rental properties in…

I’ve owed 14 rental properties in Charlotte for the past 11 years and I know great workmanship and professionalism when I see it. I’ve dealt with another local company in the past, whom I won’t mention by name, but they provided me with half-measure "air care solutions" and did a terrible job. After bouncing around from company to company, I finally found Israel and Air Carolinas and have already gotten them to help me with four different properties when preparing them to turn over to new tenants. The deal was phenomenal. They diagnosed the problem right away and fixed my issues the same day. One rental need all new duct work because of mold. One rental was occupied by smokers so I needed the full service clean and sanitation. One unit simply needed Freon. Another was my personal residence where he installed a humidifier, additional condensate pump, and UV air purifier because my two year has terrible eczema. The rental that simply needed Freon, a competitor instructed me that I needed a whole new unit. Israel saved me thousands with his honesty. I trust him completely to the point the last two jobs I didn’t even have to be there, he just did it called me with my total. From now on, they are my ONLY H VAC/Air duct go-to guys. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

CEJoens 05/29/2013


A real Pleasure…

Had the pleasure of meeting Israel and his brother today from Air Carolinas!  They came to work on my central air which was making a horrible noise.  They addressed the issue and was up front with the cost of repairs and even quoted me a price for a new unit down the road.  What I appreciated is that they were willing to work within my budget and even told me that I could probably get another 2-3 years out of my 15 year unit.  This gives me time to plan for the purchase of a new one and I will definitely get it through them!  Nice, upfront, honest, on time and just overall nice guys.  I will highly recommend them to anyone I know that needs the type of services that they offer.  Call them if you need AC or any type of HVAC help.  They are the guys to go to and you won’t be disappointed.

Tracy M.  Charlotte, NC


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